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Schedule Clock subdivision in minutes more....



Many versions have been created, but it is still not possible that the scheduled clock can also choose the minutes in which to start an event, not just the hours as now. Very important, so you can't decide to start an event at xxx: 30 for example. Thank you

Hi Marco

The main reason for not having sub divided clocks is because fixed time markers would be confusing. For example, setting a fixed time marker at xx:00:00 for a clock starting at xx:30:00 could either mean xx:00:00 or xx:30:00 depending how you interpret it.

I already have software for Radio Automation, but your software is much more interesting. Many radio programs last 30 minutes or even 15 minutes if they are small rubrics. With this limitation of not splitting time does not allow me to use it. We hope one day this will be unlocked.

Marco, I think I understand what you are trying to achieve.

The scheduling of PlayIt Live is really intended to pick and rotate music.

What you could do is have lots of track groups (for example a group called "Monday at 17:15") and have that sweep a folder which only ever contains the latest episode of the Monday 17:15 scheduled program.

Some people have a similar process to play the latest news from a regularly updated folder.

It will need a bit of fine tuning if the episodes can vary in length.

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