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Moving PlayIt Live to a new computer

I have move the PlayIt folder from Program Files (x86) to Program Files (x86) on my new computer. PlayIt Live has opened fine but the 'All Tracks' box is empty. I have moved my music folder to 'Music' on the new machine. Can anyone explain what I have done wrong please and how I copy that information, thanks, Andy.

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Hi Andy,

PlayIt Live data is stored in C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live. ProgramData is not the same as Program Files. ProgramData is usually a hidden folder which you can see by going to View > Hidden items in Windows Explorer or just type in C:\ProgramData into the address bar. Close PlayIt Live on both computers and then copy the C:\Program Data\PlayIt Live folder to the same location on the other computer.

Please do not copy Program Files folders between computers. There are usually other supporting files that are added during installation that won't be copied. Please install the software using the proper installer setup file from the website.


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