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Been using Radio News Hub for quite a while to bring both NEWS and Weather to our service via monitored folders and dropbox, each hour, 24 hours.   However just recently it is no longer finding the files by the the names.

The files are named Weather.mp3 & News.mp3.    but each file has a name of Recorded by News under properties.

So Weather.mp3  holds a name under properties of news cart recorded by news 1.  Which means that once dropbox does its thing no files named weather.mp3 is located in the dropbox file nor transfered to the archive!

Can I force playit live to select name to find the file rather than title?

As yet I have not contacted RHNH speak on the subject.

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Hello Phil,

Assuming the file is the only one in the folder and it has the "normal" name I can't see why it shouldn't work.

My guess is that something about the Dropbox sync has (perhaps subtly) changed.

I would have one folder which has "news" (only) in it and the other with "weather" (only) in it.

Can RNH deliver in this way ?


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