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netsh elevated privileges error

Have recently moved PlayIt Live to a new machine. Now seeing a netsh error on startup. Looks as though the app is attempting to add a route for a remote connection which requires elevated privileges. If app run as admin, error does not appear.

How can I avoid this happening for a standard user?

(26.8 KB)

Hi Dan,

This is shown when you have selected the option to start remote server under Enable Remote Connections on PlayIt Live. Admin priveledges are required to set up the route for the user. If you are running as that user and then enter the admin username and password you should not be prompted again. If you aren't interested in remote connections you can go to Enable Remote Connections and click Stop Server.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me!

This is the strange thing - I don't *think* I ever enabled remote connections. Checked the settings.xml and discovered the following line:

 <RemoteManagementServer Port="25433" ModuleActive="false" Enabled="true" RequireAdministratorPasswordLocal="false" RequireAdministratorPasswordRemote="false" />

Set enabled to "false" and the problem went away.  I was being asked for admin credentials at each startup.

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