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I have just started a 24/7 sports station. This station pulls from downloads and plays them over the air, i got how to do that no big deal. However, we have some shows that are 30min shows, and 90 min shows. How can I add 30 min scheduling. The scheduling feature seems to be not very user friendly. Example: I have shows that air m-f from 8-5. I want to be able to enter in a blank template with just the show name, then enter in the mp3 file once its uploaded.

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RadioGH is now a 24/7 station and I am using Playit Live to schedule all recorded programmes. They are either 2 hour long shows or 1 hour long shows. We also have jingles ranging from 8secs to 3mins..

I am finding that regularly the scheduler stops after a show and does not move onto the next show. This is not always the case but it happens too regularly for us to tolerate.

We want programmes to start on the hour so we use a hard marker, but it seems that unless the preceding programme is due to overrun by quite an amount theĀ  next programme does not trigger. Any thoughts?

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