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Remote URL Metadata

Hi All

Does Play It Live not pull the metadata from the Remote URL? if it does how do u get it to work?

Hi Jason

Thank you

Kind Regards

Hi Mal,

This is a feature request, not an issue or a bug. It has been prioritised amongst the other 364 feature requests.


Hi all 

Jason Allen, has this issue of pulling metadata from remote url's been solved yet?

Hello Mal,

It you use the "built in" streamer in PlayIt Live the track metadata "just works".

Saving to a text file is required for an external streaming application (and needs the "Now Playing" Plugin). Assuming the streamer can see the file I've found it works OK with various streaming software.

I suspect the "Now Playing" Plugin can also "push" the data to a streaming server independently of an audio stream but I've never tried that. 

What streaming application are you using ?

ok Jason sent you an email with my configuaration not resolved when restarting playit live or the plugin, the info is getting to the txt file ok but nowhere else

Hi Mal,

Please can you give clear steps to reproduce the problem where the metadata is not being sent? Is it resolved if you restart the plugin or PlayIt Live? Are you able to use the File option to write the now playing data to a file and observe the changes in the file?

Also it don't appear to be sending metadata atall to my stream even on normal songs please advize?

Hi Jason 

Ah That's a must have these days every playout that does remote URLs Has it these days, I even asked for it 11 or so months ago, we pay a company to put our metadata on our website from our stream so hopefully we can see an update for it very soon. in the mean time though can you update it so at least it says something on the now playing on the stream while a remote url is on?

currently on the now playing on the encoder says Remote URL can that be enabled to appear in the text file and sent to the stream currently broadcasting on, so at least it says something while a remote url is live instead of blank????

Hi Mal,

No, PlayIt Live does not read the metadata from the Remote URL. There's a feature request for this here: 

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