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We have podcast that we want to air on the radio. Is there a way to simply place the URL into the software? Downloading all the files will take up alot of space on our computer and we dont want to bog it down.

Sure. Goto the Remote URL on the right side of the control page. Drag it over and drop it into the schedule where you want the program to air. Now enter the details of your show in that box- the name of the show, type in the URL of where the show is located, click OK, and there you go. The show will air from where it is parked on the web and not from within the program. A word of warning- if you link to a program, and someone comes along and moves that file to another location, your link will be broken and the program will not play.
I have done that. And it fails every time. I’m pulling from our podcasting website that we manage.

Hi Mike,

Are you able to post the URL you are trying to use?


Hi Mike,

So that link is one to a webpage. PlayIt Live does not know how to extract the audio from a web page. You would need to right-click the Download link and click Copy Link Address and use that in PlayIt Live instead. The link in this case is:

Got ya thanks! Worked that time. Next question. I run this off my laptop. When I post those download links does my computer need to be connected to the internet the whole time for the stream to be pushed since it’s a download file?
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