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making a template of Play It Live

 Our station just started using PlayIt Live. As we are tweaking things, I was wondering if I there is a way to clone the program at the station and load it into my windows computer at home so I can learn the back end at home without messing up the station program.

any thoughts?


Valley Free Radio

103.3 FM Northampton MA

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It is possible to make an effective copy by taking the program configuration data and replacing the files in the same location on a different computer but you would need the two computers to be extremely similar in structure (user names, file locations etc.) for this to stand a hope of working.

Personally I would recommend not trying to do this. Instead, the real work is in sorting out the library structure to make the track groups work. 

If you make the music library the same on both computers and make a folder of music equate to a track group then if you import the same library in the same way to the second computer it will be sufficiently similar that (once you create the clocks again) it will behave similarly.

Alternatively PlayIt Live works well using remote desktop (on a Windows Pro machine) if you can RDP into the second computer.

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