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Cartwall, drag & drop.

I just re-installed Windows 7 on a machine. It's put the previous version to 'windows.old' and kept virtually all the settings and software as it was. However, trying to drag and drop files on to the cartwall just shows the 'not allowed' cursor symbol.
Probably a simple thing, but I've not found how to get round this. Before I could happily drag a file on to the cartwall and it would load on to whichever button I dropped it on. Now I have to go in to edit mode and pick the file manually.
Any ideas?

Hi Gordon

Happy new year. This sounds like your PlayIt Cartwall is being run as Administrator and it is not possible to drag and drop between Windows Explorer and Cartwall when it is being run as administrator. Can you check this?



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Sometimes the answer is in plain sight, but you just don't see it.

Yes, that was it. Administrator mode removed and all is well again. With the re-install I also updated all the drivers, from the original source. Many of those had to run in administrator mode and I probably just went blindly along with that.


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