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Same artist plays despite policies



As the headline shows thats a problem.  

We have a christmas radio where Johnny Logan is listed twice with two different songs. 

The metadata artist is exact the same Johnny Logan. No more no less 

Still it plays the two tracks in the same hour. we have a 8 hour break between artists.


Someone ?

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Best Answer

After updating to the latest build I have not had any issues with this. As far as I can see it works. I also only have the sond added one time in one folder...


I have the exact same problem, artists and tracks, none works.

It still randomly plays the songs/artists despite policies, so the "Multiple Artist Splits" don't do anything either

Got this mail.... Should be fixed now ;-)

Thanks for your email. My apologies, this issue was fixed but the release was not made public. Please download the latest version from 

It definitely isn't fixed...

Both are in the same category and the playout policy is well configured and songs aren't supposed to play again for at least 8 hours.


Please can you confirm you are running the latest version - 2.05 (Build 2714). If so, please can you send your data and logs using this tool

Please tell me which tracks/artists played too often and at what times so I can look at the correct place in the data and logs.


It didn't send me the e-mail yet with the data, but once I get it, do I send it here, in private or other?

Hi Xem,

I have received the data (it is sent to me).

Please give me example artists/titles that are problematic and when they were scheduled.

Oh, okay !

There's as an example Dua Lipa with Don't Start Now, these entries are the problem, not the two others since one of them was during a show 

Looking at your track list. You have added the same track 10 times.

And the Playout Policies you have set up only cover the "All Songs" track group which only covers tracks in the "...\Playlists\" folder, which does not cover 2 of those instances (boxed in Green).

Track separation will treat each track entry in the track list as a new track so I'd recommend only have one instance of each track and then adding them to the appropriate track group. Otherwise this is very hard to follow which instance of the track is being scheduled.

I'm aware of this, but in "Power Intros - Full" it's never scheduled automatically, and the other in "Charts" is scheduled only once a week

And basically it doesn't treat the "Title" + "Artist" as an entry, which means it only takes the Artist as the Separator, right?

Each track entry is treated as a new track, regardless of the artist and title. In your example, the track played in the 8am hour was: 

C:\Lumboc\Playlists\Today's Best Pop\Dua Lipa\Don't Start Now (Single)\01 Don't Start Now.mp3

The track played in the 1pm hour was:

C:\Lumboc\Playlists\Global Top 50 _ 2019 Hits\Dua Lipa\Don't Start Now (Single)\01 Don't Start Now.mp3

These are treated as completely separate tracks when it comes to track separation. You have a track separation of 10 hours. This makes no difference here. Your artist separation of 2 hours would not apply here as 5 hours have passed.

I see...


After updating to the latest build I have not had any issues with this. As far as I can see it works. I also only have the sond added one time in one folder...