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Live Broadcast


We are currently broadcasting on FM and internet ( icecast) , When we attempt to talk , we pause the play list. Voice is fine through FM but there is no voice over the internet. Any ideas how to get voice onto the net broadcast?


I have done everything step by step according your instruction in Point2). Linking Caster and mixxx with each other. But I still can not connect.


Hello Jacques,

We will get to PlayIt Live in time but firstly (as a test) we need to make Mixxx work to CasterFM's instructions.

Firstly, in Caster FM's instructions for Mixxx I see differences between their instructions and your settings.

◦ select “Enable Live Broadcasting” - I think this is the top tick box - tick it.

◦ Type: Icecast 2 - You have Icecast 1

◦ Mount: /listen.mp3 - You have /stream - you dashboard seems to need /listen

◦ Host: Server IP from your dashboard - this bit is confusing, I think you need here

◦ Port: Port from your dashboard - You need 18810 from your dashboard

◦ Log in: source - This looks OK

◦ Password: I assume you have entered your password from your dashboard correctly.

◦ Bitrate: 64 or 128kbps - This looks OK

◦ Format: MP3 - This looks OK

◦ Channels: Stereo - This looks OK

If you fix these points I think Mixxx will work.

Please report back.

Once you have made Mixxx work there will be every chance with PlayIt Live.

as for the device error, it seems that one of the playback (not necessarily recording despite what the error says) devices selected isn't installed.

This isn't a fatal problem if you are using the main mix as your streaming source and often happens if a USB device is selected in PlayIt Live but not plugged in.

To fix it go through the settings and make sure all the drop downs that select where outputs go have real working devices selected.

If you hear nothing then it sounds like the players in "live assist mode" are set to a device that isn't there (or you are not listening to).


Leaving aside making Mixxx work (which in retrospect doesn't seem to have helped) I set up a test stream with what I think should work with Caster FM and PlayIt Live.

While it didn't connect (I know your password isn't Jacques !) I think it is otherwise correct.

Try these settings in PlayIt Live and see how you get on.

Good Day Mark,

Thank you so much for your patience with me. I have done the setting thing. Screenshot follows. But it still does not want to connect. I wish to ask you if maybe I can download something that will give you access to my laptop remotely, then you can connect to my laptop and see if you find any problem. I'll happily supply you with all the passwords you'll need. Do you think you can help me like that? If you don't mind we can chat on Whatsapp. +270817983274




Hello Jacques,

I had to have a bit of time to experiment.

I signed up for a free account with Caster FM and I can confirm it works with PlayIt Live.


To avoid any potential copyright issues I used 1kHz tone as my source (not that it is relevant to whether the streaming works).


I was allocated a different server port to you (I've doctored the image to hide this) and I had a short simple password.

The PlayIt Live streaming client connected (eventually) and I could hear my stream on the Caster FM player page (crop below).


I wasn't very inspired when I had to write the minimum Caster FM needed in each box !


The Caster FM dashboard for my "station".

At first I couldn't connect with PlayIt Live so I used Rocket Broadcaster (free edition). 

That has a very useful diagnosis tool for where streaming servers fail. Caster FM wasn't accepting a connection on my port and I think the server status might have gone offline. I refreshed the dashboard and made sure the server was online and then Rocket Broadcaster would connect.

I stopped Rocket and tried again with PlayIt Live, that then connected and would subsequently reliably connect.

My streaming computer isn't the one I was using to view the dashboard (which probably helps to see what is going on).

I don't think you need any remote assistance.

If you broadly follow what I've screen captured above (keeping a good eye on the Caster FM dashboard) I think you can make it work.


Hi Mark, looks like something is happening because I've entered the settings for the connection exactly as I have for the caster fm and playit live encoders. They still don't want to connect but this Rocket thing has connected. It only plays what it hears through the mic though. So now I'm thinking it is maybe Mysql that is the problem because I have it installed but it's not running and I don't know how to get it started.  One more question, How do I get the media player to show on my site. I don't have a player there. 


I would actually love to get Playit live to connect because that is the player that I'd love to use for my station. 

A few comments Jacques.

The Caster FM player appears when the streamer is working.


Above with the stream live.


With the stream inactive.

It is also possible to stream PlayIt Live via Rocket Broadcaster. There are some advantages and some disadvantages to this approach.


You can bring a mixer in via the "microphone" input or PlayIt Live directly as "Other Applications".


It's two bits of software and somewhat complicated to understand what is going on.


Once you have Rocket Broadcaster working, start PlayIt Live's stream. It won't connect.

If you then stop Rocket, I found that PlayIt Live would automatically connect.

I really can't see why PlayIt Live's streaming isn't working for you if Rocket does.

I have a relatively good connection to the Internet (although fairly typical by UK standards), it could be a ping or packet loss problem but somehow I doubt it.

I'm not particularly "local" in Internet terms to which seems to be 79ms away and based in the US.



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