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Live Broadcast


We are currently broadcasting on FM and internet ( icecast) , When we attempt to talk , we pause the play list. Voice is fine through FM but there is no voice over the internet. Any ideas how to get voice onto the net broadcast?


It sounds like your FM source is a mixer output but your streaming source is PlayIt Live main mix.

You need to feed your mixer back into the computer (which if it has a USB sound card built in may be easy) and select that post mixer source as your stream source.

Sorry Mark he are some more details 

We are running an FM station with internet broadcasting ( Icecast)

The computer output ( headphone jack via Roccat USB )  is linked to the mixer ST1 input 

The mixer output to the computer ( mic jack via Roccat USB)

The mic is connected straight to the mixer.

The mixer main outs run to the processor then to FM transmitter.

Everything plays fine on FM, however when announcing live the mic does not transmit to the net broadcast and is dead air. 

I ran a USB cable from the mixer to the computer , but no other source other then Playit Live Mix , Roccat  or the computer speaker appeared in the source selection. If I select Roccat the sound is distorted and loud, if I select the computer speaker output there is nil.


The other issue we are currently having is that the main playout is run from the on air studio with the "programming " in the studio two.  The systems are sometime in sinc displaying the same tracks etc  then other times they are not.  And if you place a voice track or track into the system in studio two , it displays fine  on the on air studio until it actually gets to the track/voice track then fails to load displaying track unable to be located.

Addressing the first message.

Exactly what I would expect.

PlayIt Live Main Mix is exactly the feed that is sent to your mixer (hence it doesn't contain the microphone).

What you would want is "Roccat". However the "Roccat" seems to be a gaming USB adapter and expects "mic level" rather than the "line level" that your mixer would generate.

You say "If I select Roccat the sound is distorted and loud". That's because it expects mic level not line level input.

You might find that your computer is capable of taking line level in (some PC inputs can be selected between mic and line level), alternatively you might obtain a more suitable USB sound card. 

A budget example would be the Behringer UCA222 (switch the monitor off). 

There are arguably better examples but the Behringer seems OK with various versions of Windows and has Phono plugs.

Your second question is a bit more complex to answer.

PlayIt Live isn't intended to run in synchronism on two instances (on I assume two PCs).

It also isn't entirely designed to work in a sustaining feed (your on air studio) and production studio (your studio two) set up.

I guess the two PCs are networked in some way and the files are in a common area visible to both machines.

I've never tried PlayIt Live with such a set up but it is possible that playing a file on one  machine locks it for the other machine to access.

I suggest local copies of all files on the drive of each machine (you could use Sync Toy to keep them in step but be careful as it is possible to mess things up with Sync Toy !).

Depending on your workflow and production needs I could suggest various approaches to what you want to do.

If the on air studio is a basic (one presenter) studio and the studio two is intended to be used by multiple presenters and guests (so has more mics and seats) then taking studio two as an input to the on air studio mixer is a common approach.

If the on air studio doesn't have a mixer you can take a sound card input to air on PlayIt Live. That has the benefit of enforcing the schedule on the studio two output but requires production discipline to run to time.

Thanks Mark , we will give it a go.

One other thing I should have added. Assuming you can find or get a line level computer input, if the processor for the FM feed has a spare stereo output (perhaps intended for monitoring) you could use that as a streaming source as that would be level controlled and sound the same as the FM output.

Hi guys, I am super new to this software and the whole online radio scene. I have very limited tech knowledge to add insult to injury. I've got everything sorted with the software. My problem now is to get my stuff 'on-air'. The streaming thing starts and shows that it is streaming, however, the 'off-air' sign stays off air. If added .....or rather tried to add an encoder, but it still stays "failed to connect". What am I doing wrong? I'm using icecast. I'm just not sure If I'm setting this stuff up properly.  This screen shot is the info I put into the fields. 

Please help me I'm so lost and very stuck. 



Well Jacques, I've never used "CasterFM" but they give a username of "source" and there is no sign of that in the PlayIt Live streaming encoder settings.

One "gotcha" with PlayIt Live is if it doesn't like the source you have chosen to stream for some reason (driver issues etc.).

The source that always works is PlayIt Live Main Mix, so for fault finding try that.

Beyond that, try another streaming client and see if you can get that to work to "fine tune" your settings.

They don't have knowledgebase entries for what would be my first choice stand alone encoders but Mixxx is free so you could download it and try the settings they show in that.

Hi Mark, Sorry the Caster fm pic is just to show which settings I used. I have downloaded Mixxx, but I have no idea how to set up the port forwarding or any other settings to get the two (playit live and Mixxx) to work together. I'm seriously handicapped when it comes to this kind of thing. It's like all french to

Hello Jacques,

1) Have you tried putting " source " in the PlayIt Live Username box, making sure music is playing and you have selected PlayIt Live Main Mix as the Audio Source To Broadcast ?

2) If so and it still doesn't work, try connecting to CasterFM with Mixxx 

Caster FM has instructions for this at:

This should at least enable you to check your settings.

There is then no further use for Mixxx so uninstall it (if you wish).

You don't need port forwarding for any implementation of PlayIt Live I can think of.

Hopefully (1) will fix things. If not (2) should confirm that your credentials for Caster FM are correct.

It is possible that, for some reason, Caster FM doesn't like the PlayIt Live Streaming plug in.

If so I can suggest alternative approaches. Please report back after (1) and if needed (2) have been tried.

Hi Mark, I can you help me with the settings to bring Mixxx and Playit live together. Like what is the "host" IP and where do I get the "• Password: As provided by your streaming server provider, unless you run your own radio server. It is required  to establish the connection to the server and to start the broadcast."

I have no idea who is my Streaming server provider? Icecast? Playit live? Mixxx? 


This is how I have it now. But it does not work.

Hi Mark, Sorry if I frustrate you with my limited knowledge of these things. I have a new challenge now. No sound is coming out when I play music on playit live. It has a "recording device" error. I've uninstalled that recorder but now it still poses a problem.   


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