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2.04 Sound Issues

Downloaded and set up Playit Live on a PC today. The instant carts are fine but I get no sound from the log, All the sound settings are the same. I have 1.17 on my laptop and that's fine.

PC is set up through a mixer.


Each of the players (or groups of players) can be set to go to different devices.

My guess is that there are either multiple sound devices on the PC and the "log" output is set to go to another or alternatively it is set to a blank or non-existent device.

Even if it looks OK, it wouldn't be a bad idea to select it to something else, go out of the settings then go back in and select it back to the correct device.

When you click on a song to pre-hear it can you hear that ?

Does the mixer have a USB device (sound card) that you use or do you just plug audio from your PC to a single channel on the mixer ?

Thanks Mark,

I had two choices in the settings for the log carts which both stated same output source. I couldn't get the latest version to play out of either. So I downloaded version 1.17 and had the same issue but after a fair bit of frustration and the odd expletive I manged to sort it out. :) 

So, for the time being at least, I'll stick with 1.17 and every now and again I'll update and see if I cab get the latest version to work.