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Is there a way to do cue points in Playit Live?

 Is there an option in Playit Live to make it jump to a scheduled time? Like in Simian, they use @ for TIME IMMEDIATE and # for TIME NEXT. If you have the 10:00 news coming up, then you might use the following to make the program jump to your news, after it finishes playing the current track:

9:55:00 - Music Track (song)

9:58:00 - # Jump to this log spot after finish playing current track

10:00:00 - News

Or if you next it to log the next days log at midnight...etc.

Hi Mark,

PlayIt Live uses Fixed Time Markers to ensure that your station runs to time. You should insert a Soft Fixed Time Marker at 58:00 to ensure that the track playing before 58:00 finishes playing and then the next item in the log will play. This video shows in detail the scheduling feature in PlayIt Live: 

Thank you! Got that figured out now.