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Monitored Folder / Dropbox Sync issue

Anyone else come across this problem? I’m not sure if it’s PlayIt or Dropbox but here goes...

I’ve got news bulletins being delivered to a Dropbox folder, the folder is being updated I can see that from the web, and that folder is being monitored and updated via PlayIt Live into a track group.

The specific track I need is scheduled every hour on the clock. However, the file isn’t syncing locally on my PC - it says permission denied so the latest bulletin isn’t playing out.

I’m running v2.04 of PlayIt and Dropbox version 74.4.115

The only fix I’ve found so far is to restart both programmes which is fine at the moment as I am testing but not for when I want to launch an automated service.

Thanks in advance. I have also posted this in the Slack Group if anyone would like to respond there.

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