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Audio Processings settings

Hi, new to PlayItLive from yesterday. Likeing the product, but cant seem to get the Audio quite right. Either a bit too pumpy or a bit too quiet. What do others recommend setting the Audio processing settings too? My songs also seem to fade out a little too much at the end, before the sweeper , next song plays. Is there a global setting that would help with this, or would all the mix out points need adjusting manually?

Hello Richard,

Firstly get A COPY of all your files adjusted to equal subjective loudness (use MP3 Gain [from Sourceforge] or similar).

Then gentle processing.

There is an out level setting threshold which may be a bit too high but try a few tracks once the levels are sorted.

Personally I think you need to review in and out points manually but the automatic setting on import is a start for a play.

From bitter experience, my no. 1 tip is structure folders like any rotation rules you may want in the future.

I had a test library of about 1000 songs and learnt that the hard way.

Richard, to answer your very last question: is there a global setting that would help with this or would all the mix out points need adjusting manually?

Check out this part of the PIL documentation:

The "silence analysis" settings (#7 on that screenshot) may be of use.  In the screenshot, "cue out" is set to -4.0 dB.  If you use PIL's auto track analysis, it will set a cue out at the moment a track falls below -4.0 dB for the last time before the track ends.  If you want your tracks to end sooner, you might set this level closer to zero.

Once you change these settings here, you'd need to have PIL re-analyze all of your tracks.

The auto feature usually does an excellent job.  But no matter what you do with the numbers in the general settings, there will likely be some songs where you'll still need to manually adjust the cue out point.

Also be sure you know the meaning of the "sweeper" and "No fade?" checkboxes on the Edit Track window, as these can have an impact on your segues.