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No playlist shuffle or direct track insertion to playlist

There is no way of importing a playlist without external source.

Once in the playlist,  there is no "Shuffle" option.

I have to use an external source to shuffle tracks before placing them into playlist.

Also there is no automatic "Remove track after play" option.

And... No way of removing the tracks from the playlist all at once.

It will be good to have a "Load Files" or "Load Tracks" or even "Load Directory".

Could Something like this be done on an update?

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Hi Trevor,

Please do not post in bold, or CAPS. I have had to correct two of your posts so far.

You can import an M3U playlist by going to Manage > Playout Log and clicking Import and selecting the M3U file.

PlayIt Live is a radio broadcast live-assist and automation software. It is not a media player so does not feature a shuffle option. PlayIt Live will select tracks from track groups based on scheduling rules.

PlayIt Live does not remove tracks after play as it is required to keep a continuous log of played tracks for reporting. You can remove tracks from the playout log using the X icon. To remove tracks from the track list on the right hand side, go to Manage > Tracks and click the delete icon. If you want to delete all tracks under Manage Tracks click the list, press CTRL + A to select all and press Delete.