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External Equalizer

Jason. I using a external equalizer but changes havent any effect. I using "Boom 3D" software. Is the a solution or is this a question for their support? On mediaplayer, youtube, radio etc is works very well. The sound is better but it's standard 3d sound only when i using playitlive. Changing on the external equaIizer (Windows 10) doesnt had effect. I choosed usb as device in the equalizer software Boom 3D.
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Hi Elroy, Although I also have an external EQ I made the decision to purchase the audio processor package and have never regretted that decision. You will receive a compressor, an EQ, and an Auto Level. As a side note- in processing for streaming audio one must never clip. You are better, also, according to Orban, to rely less on compression and more ALC. In fact- according to Orban a good ALC is all you really need. -Gerry