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Remote URL issue

Can anyone tell me why the Remote URL when playing is behind? I loaded the Remote URL in another programme and Playit Live plays the stream over a minute behind the programme I played it in? is there a fix to this? or doing something wrong or what?

Please help

Hi Mark

Avast actually replied about 4 hours later saying they had put it through their safety check workshop & have approved the file. Our Studio 2 tech guy added the patch the following day to their system & it went straight through no problem 

Adrian, if the machine is solely used for PlayIt Live you could consider whether you need to use Avast on the machine. There are alternatives (for example the Microsoft "built in" anti virus) which may not trigger the false positive.

I'm always a bit doubtful about anti virus and real time applications with Windows (also Windows update) and while "something" is clearly needed on machines connected to the Internet it may not be Avast.

hi Jason i just added the patch as i was experiencing the same issue. i had a bit of a job getting it passed my Avast anti-virus, but altered settings to manually allow it...  now when i load the program Avast goes nuts says it has malware .... its on and running but it does  concern me Any advice


Hi Mal,

This issue should be resolved in this version:



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Hi Mal,

I was able to reproduce this issue and I will apply a fix soon.


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Hi Jason

I have it on Live stream but for some reason it plays the live stream about a minute behind whereas if I loaded it in a different program vlc for example it loads as it should about 5 seconds delay so why is playitlive so behind?


If you select a File stream (even if it is a live stream - it doesn't know any different) PlayIt Live will begin to preload the audio while it is loaded into the player. If you choose Live stream, PlayIt Live will only load the stream just before it's about to play.