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Icecast connection problem


I've just started an Icecast server as a streaming service provider. My first client

is using PlayIt Live for their online radio and I can't figure out the problem with the connection.

I've installed the PlayIt Live software myself for testing and the broadcast plugin acts 'weird'.

First it connects to the icecast server then a few seconds later it tries to connect again saying

Failed to connect. (It says invalid user or password but it's not true. I used wireshark to capture the packets and the real response from the Icecast sever is "Mountpoint in use" which actually makes sense because the first connection attempt is successfull so there is an active source for the stream).

The Icecast server is working fine from VLC and ffmpeg and butt (brodcast using this tool) so there are no obvious problems like firewall, user/password..etc

I've even installed a brand new server with Centova Cast and the result is exactly the same.

I've tried it on the same windows host with a local Icecast install the result is the same.

I suspect that one of the defaults in the icecast config is the culprit but I don't which one.

Can anyone help me with this?



Let me answer my own question. It turns out that if the stream is not running the broadcast plugin connects to the server every few seconds without question.

Yeah sure, it seems logical that if there is no actual sound the stream is unnecessary but appropriate error/warning message or just a few lines in the documentation would be REALLY nice.

Since I never used the program before and I was only testing it for the purpose of setting up the Icecast server I haven't even started to learn how to configure and play a "fake radio program" on it but it turns out I needed to do this in order to get it to work.

Still, please consider adding a line to the documentation or present an error message when some tries to stream without the radio playing.

Lesson learned :)


Andras, I've observed something similar when trying to stream using a sound card that Windows isn't happy with.

Other clients will use a "real" source of audio (if only silence) so won't have the problem of attempting to stream something without any samples.

A useful observation anyway.