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Audio processing does not pick up low level

This has happened a few times of late. We have the Audio processing module set up with only the AGC enabled, no compression, no EQ. It's on the Hard preset, no manual tweaks.

A show started playing today and I noticed the level was quite low. An hour later I checked again, it was still low. I went into PlayIt on the remote PC and into Audio Processing. Didn't have to touch anything, as soon as I went to the AGC window the audio picked up.

But I thought it was supposed to do that on it's own ? Obviously the AGC did work, but only when given a prod by me opening the window. It realised then, but not when the audio started. 

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Still doing this. Only way to correct the low volume is to go into the plugin, but I don't have to touch anything, it seems to realise I've caught it napping - again... :-) 

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