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Streaming Play it Live to Shoutcast

Hi, Community!  I am not computer savvy so I am have trouble connecting to Shoutcast.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Have you got the Internet Broadcast plugin ? 


You need to install that and set it up as per the instructions then start streams and that's about all there is to it. 

Yes, I downloaded the plugin.  Keep getting Failed to Connect indication on Config Encoder.

Usually it says why it failed, you might need to open up the column to read the rest of the message.

Common cause is not putting the password in correctly. Without Shoutcast V1 you need to put djname:password  in the password field. At least that's how ours are set up. 


At least as a test, try a different streaming client (for example B.U.T.T.) and see if you can connect using that.

With PlayIt Live I would also try the mix (so an internal source) as an alternative to a PC Sound Card.

Also I've found that PlayIt Live not connecting can be an indicator of a Soundcard installation problem, particularly with Windows 10.