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Internet Streaming plug in - how many streams ?

How many streams can be supported at once. Cannot find any reference in the docs.

Looking to get someone else to use PlayIt Live but they currently run a live show via SAM and have 10 servers to connect to, they want to connect to more but SAM maxes out at 10. 

I don't have access to enough streams to try more than 3, hence needing to ask.

It would make more sense for him to broadcast once to a server and all stations to pick it up from that streaming server.

Thanks for that, we will look further into this in the coming months as we intend moving another outgoing stream to PlayIt to save someone having to play everything out form his laptop... 

I think he said 11 streams at present, with a further 4 picking his show up from someone else's stream. 

We are a free station, fully licensed of course, but non profit making (and doing a damned good job of that too). All presenters are voluntary, we don't have commercials. and the breakfast show in particular is the one being streamed to many community and online stations. 

Hi Gordon,

There is no physical limit to the number of streams, but they will be connected to in sequence so if you have a lot of streams it could take a long time to connect to all of them.