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Showing actual track details in player?

Our station plays a lot of pre-recorded segments of shows, these are ID tagged as 'presenter - title' but that means we could have 6 segments of one show all with the same details in PlayIt itself.
I was trying to find part 3 of a particular show to substitute it in a show that was actually playing at the time. I really struggled to find the track, which was titled something like 'john the dj - sixties hour (3).mp3' There isn't anything in the system to let me look at that info. 

I could see 6 segments listed as 'presenter - title', which is how we want to display the show info - without telling listeners it's part 3 or whatever. I couldn't find any way to find the MP3 track itself though ?

I almost found a way of identifying the correct segment. Thankfully, I keep them in individual directories and track groups so was able to select the track group john60-3 where there was two files, the incorrect one and the substitute. Both titled the same though. The only way round it was to delete the incorrect one and wait for managed folders to do it's thing. 
Was wondering if this could be included in a future release, like when you click on an track and it opens up with more info like 'album' etc. 

It's not the first time I've his this issue. 

Hi Gordon,

You can find the filename of the track file by going to Manage > Tracks and looking in the Path column.



Yes, if I go down to that level, but not when I am trying to pull the correct segment of a show into the playlist.

I have the main player open, there's a tracklist at the side, I can open up individual track groups but in one group I have two files, both titled the same. One is last week's show, one is this weeks. I have no way of finding out which one is which. 

The way I had to do it was to take the system off automation, delete the segment form the onscreen playlist, go to the directory and delete the old segment, wait for managed directories to update, then I only had one file to choose from in that track group. However, by the time I had done all that the time for it to start had gone by and the next segment was playing... 

Can the track files not be named corresponding to Presenter - Title (Date)? Also, there is no need to wait for monitored folders to update, you can force a re-scan by going to Tools > Monitored Folders Status and clicking Re-scan.

Adding the Path to the Track List on the main interface would be too much detail that one would rarely want to see.

Some have requested that double clicking on the track brings up the track editor instead of the Pre-fade listen window, so maybe that would solve the problem (like you have suggested).

Can the Playout Log be modified so that when you click on a track, it shows you the Track Group and the file location? For me, that would be much more useful than Genre or Album!


As a track can belong in multiple track groups this could be a lot of information to display. I will consider making this information configurable in a future version.

Can the track files not be named corresponding to Presenter - Title (Date)?
The original filename may well be something along those lines, but we don't want to display that to listeners. Instead the file will be ID tagged to be 'Bert Higgins - Countdown show' or whatever, it could be that a show has several parts and each is ID'd the same, not even 'part one, two...' 
It's just on occasions, like I've had again today, where I need to replace a segment quickly - once again as the audio wasn't playing :-(