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Playlist template

it would really help to import a playlist so that it would take the boring process of loading beds, jingles and stabs and standard tracks every the breakfast show

other progs do this so I'm not sure why not here.

as a lot of community stations 'hot seat' id dearly love to turn up and quickly load a standard template and not have to add one by one

am I missing something?


It looks like Tim wants a half empty template. Some elements are populated, others have placeholders so the presenter has the "shape" of the programme but adds elements manually.

I don't see a way of doing this nicely but it seems like a good feature request.

Thanks Jason Tried it and this works. However it fills up the hour with tracks and I just want the 5 tracks setup and added so that presenter can add their own upon arrival. Indont want anything else in there clogging the hour up. Am i doing something wrong?

Hi Tim,

Clocks (Manage > Clocks) can be used as templates for an hour's show. Clocks can be scheduled into hours (Manage > Clock Schedule) so the same template can be reused. When Log Scheduler is ON at the bottom right of the main interface the clock will be used for that hour.

Hope this helps.