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Playit Live log import question

 I have downloaded and installed Playit Live and I am playing with it and testing it out and had a couple of questions.


I use Natural Log and Natural Music. I know that Playit Live is suppose to be able to import Scott Studio logs. I have attempted to create an automation file, with the Scott Studios format, with both Natural Log and Music and tried importing them into Playit Live and haven't had any success yet. Are there any instructions or videos on how to make this work?


Are there any videos on how to setup and use Playit Live?


One more thing, didn't see anywhere I can edit my original post, so adding this here. It seems Playit Live is a lot like RadioDJ, in that it seems to be more for scheduling "music only", than music and I correct in this?

Hi Mark,

Please find details here of what is expected by Playit Live in the M3U format:

Tried the instructions, but not getting it to work. Keep getting errors like below, when trying to import the Natural Log traffic file. Any suggestions? Do you offer a better automation filter from Natural Log, beside the Scott Studio one?


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