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 Is it possible to view music window by Name and Time instead of by Title and Time? Much of my library has track # in the title and I don't want to re-do the entire library.

The display can only show what the ID tags contain. To try and suppress the numbers would mean '99 red balloons'. '1-2-3' and many others would be affected, if it was even possible. 

I had an old directory where track numbers were part of the artiste ID so I had to re-do them. I used File Renamer to trim the numbers from the start of the file name then MP3-TAG (from Magnus Brading, not a similar program with the same name) to re-tag the ID3v1 and ID3v2 info.

PlayIt Live has a handy 'Monitored Folders' feature that would allow you to quickly delete the rogue entries and re-instate them. I'm using that very feature to add, and later delete, the Christmas tracks in our station's rotation. 

 I figured it out.there is a freed program at  It let's you make the Name and Title the same.