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Starting PlayIt Live

I've created an online account, downloaded PlayIt Live onto my Windows 10 laptop but cannot get the programme to do anything. What am I msssing?

You don't mention adding music !

You need to add to the library before much happens.

Does it seem to start up ?

Thanks Mark. The prgramme starts up to the main window. How do I add to the library? I cannot see how to do this.

Manage > Tracks > Add New

You can then add files and folders.

From bitter experience, beyond a few tracks for basic evaluation you need to put lots of thought into the folder structure, track selection and track groups.

I don't have a "live" system in that anyone else can hear the output, just a couple of long term test systems (with a view of eventually doing "something" with them).

For my purposes I have 

selected 60s & 70s music

selected 80s & 90s music

selected 00s & 10s music

A large "various" folder

A "not used" folder

"Stings" and other short interstitial pieces.

The rotation tools can then pick tracks from each group as scheduled.

The overall result is a reasonable listen (for my tastes) 

Make a copy of your files, get them to the same apparent level (using MP3 gain or similar) then add them  to the library setting the in out and vocal points.

It's quite a lot of work.

Thanks, Mark. Your advice was just what I wanted. I’m now up-and-running.