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Schedule track not in Playout Pattern

I'm really begginer of PlayIt and for now i use it only in with LOG SCHEDULER on. with 3 different Tracks Group  (italian songs, pop, gingols) checked in Playout Pattern. All works great. but...

Sometimes i need to schedule in a precise hour a different kind of tracks such as "philosophy treatises" that is in other tracks group that not is checked for Playout Pattern.

At the first sight i thought is was enough drag and drop in a specific hour my audio file in the timeline (i'm not really sure if this is the name) and waiting that the software do the rest.
But i see that my file is never played beacuse it going at the bottom of the list.

this only happens when the file is far from the last file in the program. If instead the scheduling of the Log Scheduler has already been done and I insert my file among those traces, then everything works. if it's morning and I want to plan a track for the evening I can not do it

Obviously i cannot put that track group in Playout Pattern where are my philosophy treatises because are there other that i don't want broadcasting.

I hope I explained myself

Hi Davide,

I would recommend using Clocks to build a template for the hour and then schedule these clocks for the hours you require. You can set up different clocks if you have different tracks you need to play. You can view a video on Scheduling in PlayIt Live that will give you more information:

Thank you for this.

Is it possible to schedule from an half hour? in playout log the minutes are not selectable


You schedule clocks by the hour but if you have a half hour item you can schedule it after a hard break (at 30 mins) and have the track rotation fill the first half hour. The last track will fade at the hard break.

You can schedule individual tracks so pick the item you want to play and it will.

If you named that clock after that item it will only play when you schedule the appropriate clock.