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Timed end-time for playlist

I have recently installed Playit Live to test / compare it with some needs I have.


I need an audio/music files playback software to play music during “breaks” for a TV channel. The “special feature” I am looking for is that I would like to specify end time for a music playlist telling it to stop for instance 20:58:10. The reason for this is that we have a show starting at 21:00:00 and some promos before that.


Also, what I want the playlist to do is to randomly select audiotracks and also consider the duration of each track so it can end the playlist at the exact point. (The audio playlist is running for several hours before this end point so it should be plenty of time to “calculate” a list which ends at this specific time.)


(I have seen the feature with Fixed Timed Marker/Hard, and as far as I understand this can make a fade in the current playing audiotrack, but this is not what I want to achieve.)

Bearing in mind this is a free package, don't expect it to be packed with features such as the ones you require. There is a way of making suggestions to the author though.

We are running a 24/7 station quite happily with it using mainly pre-recorded, but some live, shows. It runs to clocks quite well, fades tracks in and out as good as any other package I've tried and has some other features that make it ideal for what we need.

It does not have anything to select tracks to fit an end point. That much I have discovered. Whatever is playing at the end time will just fade out. 

What has been suggested by others is to create a scheduled event to play something in a quick cart that would perhaps fire up your promos at a given time. 

@Stian Solli

While I've no idea what Jason has on the development roadmap I've also thought that an improved music rotation tool that does things like fitting the selection of tracks to a time would be a good next step.

This could possibly be another paid "plugin" as something needs to recompense Jason for all the hours he has spent on the PlayIt Software.

If you can articulate your idea as a "feature request" I'm sure it would get support.