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Scheduling items in Monitored Folder - Process?

We're looking to auto-download a show every day then have PlayIt Live insert that new file into a scheduled time every morning. We've got software to download the file into the folder, but how do we get the log to read and play a new file everyday?

Could you make it always have the same name then schedule that “track” in a clock?


Like Mark says, you can add the monitored folder for the track file and then you can schedule that track in a clock to be played. When the file is updated, the track is updated and used in the clock.

Thanks. Do we need to run a script to delete the old file? Otherwise, how would it know which file in that folder to use? A different file is downloaded every morning. 

My approach would have been a named track so that it was overwritten each day but the monitored folder approach is much better. Yes, you would need to delete the old file so there is only the single current file in the folder.