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Remote URL failed to load, Internet disconnected

Here's a good one. We have a live breakfast show which we pick up from a remote URL. It's scheduled for two hours Mon-Fri and has been working fine.

There are two quite separate issues that are causing problems. However, they are giving the same result by loss of the remote URL.

1) The breakfast presenter has had the painters in so was forced to pre-record part of the show - during the swap from live there was a blip in the stream, and it went off...

2) my internet router rebooted... (why do they have to do that...?!!) 

In both cases the stream was dropped and here is nothing to tell the software to try and reconnect ? OK, so PlayIt defaulted to he default playout pattern but we would rather have had the breakfast show on air. 

How can this be done? 

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Hi Gordon,

PlayIt Live will attempt to maintain the connection to a point, but will drop the stream if the connection is dropped to avoid dead air. You can try to mitigate the problem by inserting multiple streams back to back (maybe a song in between) which will attempt to start the stream again later.