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Need to get back into the interface but login is required. I want to change this. Can someone please help?

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Hi Brandon

If you have not set a password then the default username is admin and the password is a blank password. If you have locked yourself out, use the instructions here to reset your password:

I have the same problem and the reset password solution above does not work.

I have set Playit Live to ask for connection to server when loading. 

It brings up the login dialogue Box 

but does not connect- it gives message "password/username invalid" 

PlayIt manager is running on the same system. 

What could be going wrong? And how do I fix it?

(3.97 MB)
(4.25 MB)
(3.84 MB)

i have problem with login idd and password every time i rest was no good

The username is case sensitive.

The default username and password is:

Username: admin

Password: <blank>

If you have locked yourself out, you need to reset the admin password from the computer running the software (i.e. not remotely). 

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