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Startup 'bug' "Unable to detect any recording devices" ?

Not sure if it should be a bug report as it happens every time I start PlayIt running on this particular machine.

I'm setting our new system up to be fully remote. It will boot/resume following power fail, load PlayIt on Windows Startup, set the software running, start streams, set automation running - all fine, I've covered all that and more.

But, because this machine is not using speakers or anything the soundcard is disabled and only the internal speaker is enabled. I can mute that of course, with Playit happily streaming audio.

On startup I see a message "Unable to detect any recording devices. Please check your sound card settings." - which is valid as there are no recording devices available. How do I stop this appearing every time though ? I never will record on this machine so it's not something I'd want to fix by installing a sound card just to provide the option.

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Hi Gordon,

There is no way to remove this message. It stems from the same engine that loads recording devices for PlayIt Recorder and was adding when voice tracking was added. Obviously in PlayIt Recorder if you cannot record anything the software is useless. 

I will create a work item to remove this warning from PlayIt Live.