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Clocks stop working in the middle of the schedule

 Friday evenings from 6 pm to midnight, it's 100% hip-hop and dance and I have clocks scheduled for that.

However, at exactly 21:17, it stopped following the clock scheduling and went back to the Hot AC playout pattern.

Last week, I had some problems where the playout pattern would insert randomly tracks into the clock, but tonight, it's like the system just started ignoring the clocks and went with the playout pattern.


At 22:00, it even played 4 id's back to back ...........


Exactly the same problem tonight, at around the same time, clock stopped working and one hour later, system acting up all funky, playing several ids one after the other. This is hugely problematic and makes us look really unprofessional.



Hi Claude,

If you have scheduled a track group, and the scheduler is unable to use that track group because of a playout policy then that track will not be scheduled. It will then move onto the next item in the clock and try the same thing. This would explain the 4 IDs in a row as if the song could not be scheduled, but the ID could then you would end up with IDs back to back. Once all the items in the clock have been tried, the playout pattern will be used to fill the rest of the hour.

I would seriously suggest you relax the constraints on your playout policies to ensure that all your tracks can be played when scheduled. I would also suggest scheduling your tracks in advance via Manage > Playout Policy and reviewing the scheduled tracks before they are aired.