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PlayItlive randomly stopped playing

 Major issues in the last days making us sound very unprofessional.

The station is playing on playout patterns all the time,. except on Friday and Saturday evenings.

On Saturday evening, it would mix up randomly tracks from the playout pattern into the clock.

But major issue... The playout pattern stopped playing songs at 19:00 yesterday evening. I had to manually insert tracks to finish the hour because it refused to do so, and at 20:00 the playout pattern kicked back in, but it stopped again at 21:00 and I just saw it this morning, since I was sleeping. So, from 21:00 yesterday to now, dead air, it didn't play nothing.

It shouldn't be a playout policies problem, as I have 50 tracks in high rotation for an 8 hour no-repeat rule, playing 4 of them an hour.




To help me resolve this problem, please send your data and logs - you can do this by running this tool on your PlayIt Live computer:

Simply follow the onscreen instructions to send your data.

Just sent the data thank you!


Looking at your data. Many of your track groups have no tracks in them: 

This is why nothing is being scheduled. If you previously had a tracks in those track groups, deleted the tracks and readded them they will be removed from the group. Tracks are added by a unique ID stored by PlayIt Live, not by the path of the file.

I don't see the same thing at all. I have files in every group.

Ah, you have monitored folders (which aren't on my machine, obviously) so it deleted lots of tracks. Let me look into this further.

Hi Claude,

This was a bug, thanks for reporting it. It has been resolved in the latest version which you can download from

It was related to the playout policies but it should not have stopped scheduling the rest of the pattern when only one of the track groups was found to have no more tracks available.