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Monitored folders, sounds great but...

Just watched the YouTube video on monitored folders. This sounds great and could save me a lot of time. 

I need to download the new version and set all of this up as my 'system' has a lot of folders that I use for parts of radio shows, which are updated weekly. 
I am hoping it works in removing old tracks as I add new files ? The video mentioned news as an example, so I take it that a file 'news1200.mp3' could be deleted in the news folder and a new 'news1300.mp3' file added with the software deleting the old track (from it's database) as well as importing the new. 

Right now I have to go in to tracks, select the required track group, delete the file, go to the folder, delete the old file, add the new, back to tracks and 'add new' and import it to the track group. The new version appears to do this automatically, which is a great feature. 
I'm just about to install the new version and have several folders to set up for such monitoring. 
I am a little concerned about the time the software will spend checking. Would it be an idea to have the feature turned off and only activate it on demand, like once a day when I've added the new tracks ? 

Hi Gordon,

PlayIt Live will delete old tracks then they are removed from a folder and add new ones when they are added. So I would expect this scenario you have described to work.

You should not be concerned about the amount of time the software will spend checking, especially for folders with only a few files. In my testing I have seen folders with 10,000s of tracks scan in less than a second. If you are concerned, you can use the 'Disabled' checkbox on the monitored folder, and only when you have updated files you can uncheck the Disabled flag and click Rescan on the Monitored Folders Status window if you don't want to wait 30 seconds.


Brilliant, can't wait to get this set up and running. It could save me a lot of time and remove the possibility of eroor in selecting the correct track group or folder along the way. :-) 

Just set up the first 3 folders, the odd thing was that the system seemed to think it had a new file each time (there is only one per folder) but was actually the one already loaded. 

To explain, I did folders B1, B2 and BP - Each had previously been manually loaded so the file in B1 was current, yet the new feature loaded it again. 

Nothing major, just seemed odd. 

In order to determine if the track is 'new' PlayIt Live now needs to store additional information in tracks. This did not exist before the latest version. Therefore PlayIt Live may consider the file 'new' on the first scan of the folder.

Makes perfect sense. Thanks for explaining.