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Playout List colors

Can you possibly make the color of the song that have been played a different color. I don't always notice the check mark indicating that the song has already played. Maybe a yellow or gray indicating that the songs already played. 

Thanks Ron. I'll consider this for a future version. I'd be interested to know if others have any thoughts on this.

Maybe because I'm old and in a hurry. Will the left marker of the track colors in Track Groups show a different color when it's played.  I believe others would benefit from changing the color after the songs have played. I just need something to stand out.  

How about something like this. (see 2.png)

(26.1 KB)

It is possible to colour the left marker of tracks using colours in Track Groups.

Played tracks are marked in a tick and also appear above the 'current' (->) arrow marker.

Actually, it would be good to have some colour control for the various types of track - in some other software I've used we could define a background and text colour per selection so a station ID would be blue background, a song would be green, an advert red and so on. The text colour would further define the selection, but isn't essential really. Just helps to have an 'at a glance' breakdown of what is in the playlist. 

To take the 'played' option on board - played songs are above the currently playing track so clicking the 'home' button to bring that to focus should be all that is required ?