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Autodj not playing after url plays

I have a few live shows we take via a url. Once the 2hrs is up it cuts of like it should but dead air after it no autodj. I set scheduled events like this Insert special Url to play next Play next live assist.

Hi Rich, it's Gordon from WRFN1025. I've been testing PlayIt here with a view to moving our output to this platform. Our existing service is closing down and the replacement they offered does not suit. 

I have set up a full 24/7 schedule which is a mix of pre-recorded shows, using clocks and a complex system I worked out for myself, plus taking streaming from URL's for the live shows. It seems to be working fine and the next item plays OK.  However, I've not used scheduled events, I've used a clock.

Add a new clock from the Manage menu item and name it whatever you want to call this time slot

Start with a fixed time marker at 00:00

Add an item type 'Remote URL'

click to add the settings, call it what you like

enter the URL, set it to Live Stream and set the duration.

Click OK to exit the clock and Apply in the Manage clocks window to save it

Now go to Manage, take the schedule clocks item

Go to whatever day and time you want that URL to stream and add the clock you just created.

I've done one for our breakfast show that covers Mon-Fri by setting it to repeat weekly and choosing the five days before saving it.

Once the stream ends you should go back to the rest of your automation, it needs to run in automation mode of course.

The only way I can see you getting dead air is if the stream lasts less than a complete hour.

Then again, if you go into Manage again and choose Playout Pattern you can cover this too.

Just set up a simple clock type pattern to act as AutoDJ in case the stream fails or runs short.


As I say, it works fine for me here :-) 

cheers gordon hope your enjoying it :)