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Audio Processing, move to another PC ?

I'm about to but the Audio Processing plug in. It asks which PC to associate it with. Fine, I can see the box I'm working on is in the list but this is not the final location. As and when we go live with this the intention is to load everything on a PC in another town under someone else's control. I am just doing the testing, proving the system works and I need to set up the audio processing as part of the overall system.

Can the plugin be transferred to the other PC when I've finished the testing? 

Hello Gordon. I’ve not tested this but the bought features seem to be associated with a machine name. One might imagine that if the final machine had the same name the plug in would be happy. I’ve not seen the ability to move features between machines and I take the view that the features are relatively reasonably priced so buying them twice isn’t a burden. If I scrap one of my test machines I may experiment with moving a machine name.

Thanks Mark, I think I came to the same conclusions. I have installed the plugin and it's active. I have a 24/7 schedule on test right now and it's doing well, I removed the compression as it wasn't needed but have had to give it a little boost. 

What it could do with is level monitoring/balancing, some audio is quieter than others and I could do with it lifting when needed, not all the time. Apart from that I'm pleased with both that and the streaming plugin. 

My testing is almost complete, I'm just waiting for the station boss to say 'go' and we'll go live with this.