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Clocks cannot tell the time ?

OK, so I'm fairly new to PlayIt but have been in radio, using automation, for many years. The station I'm with is using at present, an online scheduler that is being phased out. Hence looking for a replacement.
I've loaded tracks, station ID's, promo's and a set of shows that range between 30 minutes and 3 hours long.
I've used track groups and set up clocks so that a given show is contained within a clock and has station ID's and tracks to ensure that the full two hours (or whatever) is covered. I've scheduled the clocks for the correct hour and restarted the program to see what happened
I set hard time markers at the top of each of these clocks/playlists.
BUT, when I set it all running the show I want to start at 1200 gets loaded into the playlist with it's hard time marker at 1212 for some reason. I double checked, the marker was set for 1200. A hard marker is supposed to kill whatever is playing at the set time and start with the next item in that clock ?
The previous item was a one hour show that started playing at 1140 when I restarted the software. That show did eventually fade out and the next show started - at 1212? It was not as though the playing item had to finish, and it didn't. 
I'm on a learning curve here that's already got twisted and is now in knots as well...:-) 
I also need to set a clock to start at say 1530 as there's a 30 minute show that follows one at an hour and 29 minutes long. If I set the first of those to start at 1400 then set another clockfor 1500 but set the hard time markert to 1530 I imagine that should work. Not tried it as yet though, thought I would ask while I'm here if that theory is correct?
Our station runs 24/7, some shows have a repeat play later in the week but in order to get them all to work I have to set a clock for that specific day and time in order that the hard time marker is set correctly. 
Any thoughts ?

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Yes, I know, I'm not doing it right.... Let me solve my own problem.

The clock I set for the show at 1200 starts with a hard time marker, which i set to 12:00 - I got it wrong, bit it explains why the show was delayed until 1212...
I've since been able to set clocks correctly with the hard time marker at 00:00 - most of the time that is correct. BUT, I have a 30 minute show that needs to start to 30 minutes past the hour - following a clock that is 90 minutes long. AND a 30 minute clock I need to insert after a 30 minute show ends. 
It's looking like I will have to create a full hour clock to accommodate the second scenario although the first seems to drop in OK if I only add the one clock per hour - so 90 minutes in the first and 30 minutes at 00:30 in the second.