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Schedule elements to play on top of other audio

Hi from Germany, everyone. :-)

I'm using PlayIt Live with the Internet Broadcast plugin since the last weekend and it's working quite well. I'm streaming over (a German equivalent of Radionomy) where users have to send out an ad trigger in every half of an hourIt's just a silent audio file that's used to send "now playing" to the server which places the ads into the stream.


That works great when playing single tracks and jingles in live assist mode – but I also broadcast pre-recorded DJ mixes, each with one hour duration. I couldn't find out if it's possible to start the trigger file over the DJ mix at xx:15 and xx:45 for example. QuickCarts don't send the "now playing" title, so it makes no sense to make it a scheduled event.


Maybe a new "Play Over" mode for the Fixed Time Marker could be implemented to play elements (jingles, effects, ...) on top of other audio at the specified time. After the top element has been played, the "now playing" should be set back to the title of the first element.

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