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Aux Input

 When I use the aux input,The music echoes. I'm using headphones,I don't have Listen to this device checked. I don't know why it echoes.

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Hey there!

I have the same issue, I hope someone finds a solution to it.

I had an idea: we can buy the Microphone Mix Plug-In off the Plugin store, and see if that works.

However, I want it to new stereo and have a VU meter...

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Hello David,

My guess is that this is related to sound settings (or the sound card) in the computer rather than PlayIt Live.

There is always going to be delay (latency) passing audio from a sound input (any) to an output.

How much depends on many things.

If you can, the best way to have a microphone is to use an external mixer. Then you will have control of relative levels.

For simple applications something like the Yamaha AG-03 is good and sometimes can be reasonably priced second hand.

There are also various Behringer products with USB which can be used relatively simply.

Thanks for your reply.
I already own a usb mixer.
The only feature I think would be good for the software is to be able to turn off the Aux Input monitoring.
I would be very grateful if you could add that function.

Thanks very much

So David,

If your USB mixer takes PlayIt Live's output to the channel(s) that the USB feed(s) and you connect the mic to your mixer and listen on the mixer headphone output there will be no echo.

If you stream from PlayIt Live select the mixer as the streaming source (similarly for recording or other streaming software).

It will then all work nicely !


 Thanks for your reply but I'm not sure I totally understood it...

So, at the most basic level....

If you plug your mixer in to the computer via USB you will see a sound device in the various drop downs in PlayIt Live.

If you select that device the PlayIt Live audio will appear on a mixer channel and if faded up you will hear it in your headphones.

If you connect a microphone to the mixer & fade it up you will hear the microphone mixed with the music from PlayIt Live in your headphones.

There will be no delay on the microphone sound you hear.

If you either record or stream the PlayIt Live music you can select the mixer as a sound input to the computer and record or stream the mixture of microphone and music.

That's a better way of mixing microphone and PlayIt Live output than using the aux input.

The aux input is intended for an external "feed" of some kind (news for example) that comes in as audio rather than a microphone input.

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