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Best News service compatible with PlayIt

Hi all - could I have your recommendations please for the best hourly news service which you've found to work with PlayIt?



East London Radio

& Barts Radio

FSN works pretty good also if you don't mind being an hour behind sky radio news is a good one to use FSN only dose news in the week not ant the weekends only draw back

Radio News Hub.     

Northern studio's have 2 formats.      One is a full service of news along with weather.    second is a shorter version of news along with Weather .

You will need to speak to them on prices which we found very  attractive to us a very small station.

24 hour news along with weather.

Using Dropbox which works  but you have to ensure that that once you receive  your first files via dropbox that you edit the 2 files to ensure  that the file names are changed using the edit facility to ensure you remove the following properties from  each file.   Under description click on the box that is named TITLE to clear the field ONLY.    Repeat on the second file and all should be ok.   

If stuck, give me a shout.


Peninsula Radio

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Hi Phil I am testing PlayIt Live for our radio station. We are currently using OTSAVDJ which is awful. I'm having a small problem with the news cutting the first second off the start. I run the news ident at 59:51 and have the news starting on a soft fixed time marker on the hour. It's still not quite right though. The news file is taken directly from the dropbox. I'd like the sweep at the end of the news jingle to continue running until finish but the news to start while it is of you know what I mean. Any ideas at all? Thanks in advance

Hello Andy,

Ok so lets explain how we we manage to run then news using Radio New Hub!

Using  dropbox is ok.     We use the MONITORED folders way of doing it.   The monitored files system takes the NEWLY received file from Dropbox and arranges to place it in the  CLOCK for the coming hour.     One added advantage is that the file names can be changed  so that your presenters know exactly what is going on.

The clock is constructed with a FIXED  time marker (HARD) on the hour.  Following is a set of time pips which leads into  a News intro  which leads into the news file received from DROPBOX .  

Please remember that your stream could well be running late during broadcast  if you are internet based.    However my view is that not many people set watches etc via a set of time pips these days.    It really is used by us to denote that we are different and do advise via the pips on the hour and half hour every hour 24 hours a day.  

R N H  update the news , weather, sport and  showbiz  throughout the day and at weekends so we don't have to monitor what is going on.

To run a bed under you news etc I think it might be worth a line to Jason  for advice in that direction.      Most Cornish people really only want to handle on thing at a time so a bed under important news items don't really work when you are driving a dirty great tractor down a narrow country lane or for that matter a chap in Mexico trying to understand English with a bed dulling his listening.

As far as Radio News Hub is concerned, I would suggest that you make contact with Mark .

He is a nice chap and can explain what he can do for you  starting with  a test of the service from your end.

Trust this helps a little

Best regards



do you have any links for skynews just like the one from FSNNews

Please contact Sky News Radio directly to licence their audio news feed.

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