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Constant Over Run

I believe I am doing something wrong and looking for some guidance. I am allowing PlayIt to populate the hour based off of Playout Pattern, with one clock set for a specific program block at 11am. This is temporary as I plan to add many more Clocks soon. Throughout the hours, my play times consistently get more and more over run. If I let the station do the automation itself for 5 hours, I can guarantee at least 20 minutes over run by that point. 

Even once it gets to my scheduled clock, it launches late (say 11:20am.) How do I stop this? Should I expect this if I am only relying on Playout Pattern instead of Clocks? 

My only other experience with Automation was NexGen Prophet, which had pitch adjustment (or master tempo) to gradually line up everything. You could also set it for a permanent percentage increase applied to all songs. Has this ever been a thought for a feature?

As well, to aid in preventing over run, maybe PlayIt could use play time as an additional criteria for automation? Say that it is trying to fill the last song for the hour which has 3:20 available until the top. It will pick a song closer to 3:20 rather than a random 5 minute song. 



This has been solved by utilizing clocks and fixed time markers. No need for any further troubleshooting.

I had the same problem and used the same solution!

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I ran into it because I had just setup the program and wanted to get music playing out of it as fast as possible....I figured I would set up clocks later. Clocks make all the difference!! I absolutely love this software. It is amazing.