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Now playing send to server

Hi how do I setup the now playing plugin to send info on a server instead of the hard drive. So normally it saves to c:\nowplaying.txt well instead how to I get it to save on

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Hi Kroffi,

You can use these instructions to reference the nowplaying.txt file in Rocket Broadcaster Pro: 

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After a bit of experimentation I can replicate the blank "nowplaying.txt" file.

It happens if you play the same file twice in succession.

It's nothing to do with Rocket Broadcaster, the file as viewed on a different PC (with share access to where the file lives) has a length of 0kB.

v2.06.2.2785 if it helps.

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Hi Kroffi,

If you have now playing information written to a file, this is usually used by external encoders such as BUTT where you can select a location of the file to send. What encoder are you using?

hello, i am using Rocket Broadcaster Pro.

Excellent software for radio broadcast, I will be looking into it more, thank you
I tried that but Radio Broadcaster does not find it, error: text file not found

Please can you show a screenshot of what you have entered into the Now Playing plugin and what you have entered into Rocket Broadcaster.

The first email i sent has the text....Now Playing Plugin create that text when I browse....when I browse in RB it cannot be found error

Please can you show me a screenshot of the Now Playing configuration on the Now Playing plugin. For example, have you ticked the box that says "Save now playing track to a file" as well as entering a Now Playing file path, and also clicked Apply Changes.

Try to get a better pic

Have you played a track to create the file? If it had a problem writing the file you would see an error on this window. If you continue to have problems please send your data using this tool and I can look at the logs:

Yes and the .txt file written and saved no problem but Rocket Broadcaster do not recognized or find the .txt file on the same pc, saying error: file not found

As you said you can see that the file is written but Rocket Broadcaster cannot find the file I would suggest you contact Rocket Broadcaster Support

Thank you Jason,,,

I can show you metadata transfer working between PlayIt Live and Rocket Broadcaster.

They are both on the same PC in this case but it also works using a mapped share between two different PCs.



The metadata is a PRO (paid) feature on Rocket but does work.


There are some caveats. Opus metadata doesn't work (a Rocket/Opus limitation I believe) and I have seen PlayIt Live produce blank "nowplaying.txt" files.

I think this was related to dragging items into the playlist but I haven't investigated it.

From my experience the Rocket streaming of the information in the text file is solid.


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