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Talk live on air through the internet broadcast login

I am trying to do a show live on air with playit live. I am not in the studio and its an OB via the internet as everything is setup back at the station. listening back to the stream the music plays out but when I go to use the microphone. I can see the level on the interface but it isn't broadcasting on air. I have watched the plugin and when the music is playing the levels move, but as soon as I start talking no levels can anyone help me on this?
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Stuart, a slightly curious set up. Are you streaming your remote contribution and taking it as a scheduled web stream or in some way extending the microphone input of your computer? The former would be my approach. I'm also no great fan of the microphone plugin as an a concept although I can see it has some valid applications. With the ability to take scheduled remote streams a computer running a 24x7 schedule "to air" and live "inserts" is entirely possible. I would, however, suggest that any use of a microphone should involve a physical mixer with metering at the very least.