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Some Songs Are To Short When Importing (Analysis)

 Hi All,

Can some help me? I imported my music and when I analysis the tracks some of them didn't analyzed the whole track. It made some of the tracks short like 30 seconds to 1 minute and the rest of the other tracks are fine. How can fix the analysis so the songs arn't 30 seconds to 1 minute and make them like the other tracks? Thank You!!!

 It worked by changing the silence analysis to -14dB. Thanks for the help Mark.

Ok, I’ll try that.
Try setting the silence analysis cue out point much lower, say -14dB and try that. The excellent manual pdf page 49 will help.

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I have Mp3 gain and I have normalized all the tracks at 89.0db at a bitrate 192 kbps.
Hello Kevin, It sounds like a level problem to me. Try MP3 gain on the tracks (a copy) then try importing again. You can manually set the out points but if the problem is common then that's my guess. Find mp3 gain on sourceforge.