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Hello everyone, I have a problem using Playit Live and I can not solve it. In my radio I put all the commercials to enter in the 57 minutes. Use insert external log, external m3u file. The commercial block lasts 5 minutes and ends more or less after the start of the hour at 2 or 3 minutes. I wanted to know how to delete all the songs from the internal time, without deleting the commercials and enter the next hour after the commercial activities. When using the fixed time marker in soft mode it eliminates musics and commercials from the previous hour. Thank you.

I'm enjoying using PlayitLive, but having a few annoying issues. I load up a full two hour programme to include songs, jingles and some input from me talking to the audience.  Approximately 1hr and 50 mins into the show, PlayitLive refuses to play last two songs, or jingles.  It throws them out, Failed to play error signs comes up.  Why does it do this?

Hi Sylvia,

Is this consistently every show that it drops the last 10 minutes of the show. The only time when a track will fail to load is if the file does not exist or if the file is corrupt.

I would recommend using the Tools > Missing File Analysis... feature to make sure that all the files in the PlayIt Live database exist.