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Over Run

Is it possible when it automation or log mode to get the songs to play for a shorter time, so the log doesn't cut off the last song up to the top of the hour, Most of the time when scheduling,it over runs by a few minutes,Can play it live auto fade so to speak a couple of songs in the hour to fit the last song in full ? rather than playing 5 or 10 seconds of the last song.


Paul Moore

My Question is How do i stop Hour over run, accross a day its over stocking hours I have one network show that kicks in via stream at 7 PM on a sat night , but as the station is mainy unattended 24/7 The log has +4 hours on it... the show doesnt fire on time unless i manually delete the over run.... also if the stream drops is there a silence detector that will put the program back into automation??/


It sounds like you need a clock for 7pm on a Saturday.

Start it with a fixed time marker (hard), then any jingle you need before the network show.

The network show would be a remote URL (or file if recorded) and have the duration of the program.

You then put in any tail end jingle ans some rotation rules to fill up what remains of the hour (or hours).

This is set to repeat once a week in the 7pm Saturday hour.

I think this would do the job.

As far as I can tell, unfortunately it isn't possible to make the 6pm hour finish neatly by forcing the rotation rules to come up with a selection that exactly ends at 7pm.

There is a scheduled clock there and it is as you described , but the program is over filling by up to 2.5 hours, it does t seem to drop in right on 7 like I need it to. Is there a way of sheduling with this program? Other than the over stocking it's a great little program and running well as

Well, beyond needing the Log Scheduler on, it seems to work OK for me with over full hours.

As it gets towards the top of the hour PlayIt Live schedules the clock hour with the fixed time marker (hard) at the start of it. 

As the hour starts it fades the previous item and starts what I have scheduled for that clock hour.

It may be half way through a song but it does it.